During these last couple of months we have learned immensely how this new idea of a cryptohealthinsurance token for AI-based telemedicine is perceived by the market.

It's a completely new idea that honestly most people, specially on the consumer side, didn't understand. Some paradigm shifting ideas tend to receive this reaction and take time to sink in and see the opportunity. What caught us by surprise was the feedback and strong interest we received from telemedicine companies! Due to the regulatory and fiduciary duty to their investors, these companies couldn't invest in our ICO but are very interested in developing with us the cryptohealthinsurance smart contracts tied to their telemedicine platforms and figuring out how to use LindaHealthCoin as a standard way to share medical data and transactions along many different channels in the healthcare space. This means that telemedicine companies would be the ones using and distributing to their patients LindaHealthCoin.

After a deep analysis, we aren't surprised. In the US, health providers work very closely with health insurance companies, negotiating prices and setting the rules of the marketplace. The consumer comes later. We want to bring the consumer to the forefront of the marketplace, but given the existing dynamics of the healthcare market we need to first work with enterprises. Therefore, our approach will be working with our token with enterprises and through them work with the consumer.

Therefore, as we work with these companies and new ones, in a few months a new token crowdsale will be available.

We expect the price of the token to rise as we work with more healthcare companies using our telemedicine cryptohealthinsurance protocol.