Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Linda Healthcare?

Linda Healthcare is a US healthcare and artificial intelligence company based in Silicon Valley.

What’s LindaHealthCoin?

LindaHealthCoin is the token needed in order to have access to the Linda Virtual Medical Assistant through our blockchain smart contracts, CryptoHealthInsurance. Our smart contracts will facilitate your monthly LindaHealthCoin payment. In our healthcare ecosystem, LindaHealthCoin is the only form of payment.

Who is Linda, the Virtual Medical Assistant?

Linda is your Virtual Medical Assistant. Linda is not a human. She’s an artificial intelligence (AI) bot. Any time you need answers to medical primary care questions, Linda is there for you instantly, in real time, as a two-way interactive communication tool on your mobile phone.

Linda personalizes your conversation using your Personal Health Record (PHR) set up from the first conversation she has with you, and with the accumulation of your medical questions, makes Linda’s AI smarter over time. Your PHR is securely stored and accessed in the blockchain.

Why use your CryptoHealthInsurance? Is it an actual Health Insurance?

You can access Linda by purchasing our CryptoHealthInsurance. The only way to purchase Linda Healthcare CryptoHealthInsurance is with our cryptocurrency LindaHealthCoin. Use LindaHealthCoin any time you need access to Linda and medical as part of your CryptoHealthInsurance. Linda Healthcare is cheaper than traditional fiat insurance and human-based healthcare because of the scale of economies that artificial Intelligence provides and the efficiencies that blockchain technologies offer.

Our Ethereum Blockchain smart contracts keep track of your premium payments and your access to Linda Healthcare medical assistant. Paying a little bit extra every month will give you access to human doctor’s telemedicine on top of our AI for those who really want to speak with a human after having spoken with Linda. By pooling everyone’s risk and receiving monthly premiums we will be able to provide affordable care to our members.

How much will Linda Healthcare cost? How does it protect me from inflation, rising healthcare costs around the world and fiat money?

$5 per month, the equivalent of 50 LindaHealthCoin tokens at sale prices, for the Virtual Medical Assistant plan.

$20 per month, the equivalent of 200 LindaHealthCoins at sale prices, to also include the human-based telemedicine and prescription ordering in your plan.

If the price of LindaHealthCoin goes up, you are protected because the price of the CryptoHealthInsurance is set in dollars and doesn't change.

Two key characteristics of LindaHealthCoin are:

  1. The relationship between our token and US dollars is favorable, you spend less if the token goes up.
  2. You are rewarded if you stay healthy and don’t need to buy the CryptoHealthInsurance.
  3. Rise in inflation in your country is offset by the price of LindaHealthCoin in dollars going up.

If one LindaHealthCoin goes from .10 to $1, you only need 5 lindahealtcoins instead of 50 to buy linda healthcare, which is every month the fixed price of $5.

How will I access Linda Healthcare and speak with Linda?

Only through our API.

Will you be offering access to human doctors via telemedicine?

Yes, after the first version of the AI assistant is built we will create a human-based telemedicine as an option to escalate to a human after a conversation with Linda.

Why are you doing this?

We hear every day from people who can’t afford primary care doctors so they stay home with an illness, or people who can’t afford affordable health insurance for basic medical information and triaging. We believe that artificial intelligence and the blockchain can provide everyday average people access to affordable primary care and medical answers.

Which wallet should I use to store Linda tokens?

The LindaHealthCoin token (ticker symbol LNDA) is a ERC20 token issued on Ethereum blockchain. Token holders can easily store and manage their LNDA tokens using the open-source

How do I create a wallet?

It’s easy and takes like a few minutes. Click here to see how it's done.

Will tokens be available on the exchange after the token sale event?

It depends on the crypto exchanges decision to list LNDA tokens. We are already communicating with some major cryptoexchanges regarding listing LNDA tokens. We expect at least one exchange to accept our tokens soon after the sale is over.

Is this a security or revenue?

We will book all proceeds as revenue. Think of it as a kickstarter campaign, not NASDAQ. You are buying access with LindaHealthCoin access to a tangible medical service like buying a subscription to a discounted medical service or paying a premium to your insurance company.

How will the profit sharing work?

This token, like almost every other blockchain-based token, has no profit sharing mechanism. It does not represent ownership or equity in the project, and the token is not a security. As with almost all other "Initial Coin Offering" tokens, there is inherent value in the tokens - they will be the unit of payment in the Pillar system. In many other cases, the value of the token has gone up in the months after the token sale. However, the token will be priced by the market, and it's worth being aware that other tokens have not increased much in value and several have gone down. We have a long-term view. We believe our tokens will become valuable as our system becomes more real and gets traction with customers.

Where are my tokens?

If you used MyEtherWallet to purchase your tokens, you'll find all the tokens stored there. If you used another wallet, please explore that product's community.

How can I store my tokens safely?

You will want to put them into "cold storage." That means you leave them in your MyEtherWallet (they aren't really there - they are on the blockchain) and you store your password, private key, and address on a USB stick (or two) away from your computer. You can easily learn how to do this by typing "ether cold storage" into YouTube. Here, we did it for you

Has the code been published? How can I verify the contracts?

The source code of the contracts has been published in Github and can be cloned or downloaded from

The necessary documentation has been included to configure the execution environment, deploy the project and execute the unit tests.