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LindaHealthCoin (LNDA) is a Cryptocurrency used in our healthcare marketplace to purchase Linda Healthcare's health insurance covering: 1) our primary care telemedicine A.I. chatbot and 2) medical decision solution that learns to make decisions from the patient's medical records stored anonymously and secured in our blockchain.

Email us at for our chatbot API access after buying token.

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Our whole team met at Stanford University and Harvard University while at different research departments working on distinct aspects of Artificial Intelligence as researchers. Some of us where in the medicine department, others in the computer science department, others in computational biology. What brought us together was the mission of changing the way health care is done and revolutionizing a global market in need of innovation. Our goal is to use AI and the blockchain to change the world of health care.


We are developing conversational artificial intelligence and natural language processing for primary care and general health and medicine. We develop state-of-the-art Deep Neural Networks LSTMs. Our advanced natural language dialog system is designed for primary care, pre and post-operation care and general medicine conversations.

Technical Paper #1

Technical Paper #2

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Value Proposition

Protect yourself from inflation of fiat currencies and skyrocketing rising global health care costs with LindaHealthCoin cryptocurrency.

Get paid for your medical data and protect it in the blockchain.

Stanford University is an investor in Linda Healthcare and a strong supporter of our team and revolutionary technology.

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